Available on (crate features client-api-c or client-api-s) and (crate features client or server) and crate feature api only.
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/v3/ (spec)


Ephemeral events not recorded in the timeline or state of the room.
The global private data created by this user.
‘Incoming’ variant of Request.
The state of a room that the user has been invited to.
Updates to the rooms that the user has been invited to.
Updates to joined rooms.
A mapping from a key events to a list of StrippedStateEvent.
Updates to knocked rooms.
Historical updates to left rooms.
Updates to the presence status of other users.
Data for a request to the sync API endpoint.
Data in the response from the sync API endpoint.
The private data that this user has attached to this room.
Information about room for rendering to clients.
Updates to rooms.
State events in the room.
Events in the room.
Messages sent directly between devices.


A filter represented either as its full JSON definition or the ID of a saved filter.
‘Incoming’ variant of Filter.


Metadata for the sync API endpoint.

Type Definitions

Convenience type alias for Response, for consistency with other IncomingResponse types.