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Types and traits for working with the Matrix protocol.

This crate re-exports things from all of the other ruma crates so you don’t have to manually keep all the versions in sync.

Which crates are re-exported can be configured through cargo features.

⚠ Some details might be missing because rustdoc has trouble with re-exports so you may need to refer to other crates’ documentations.

🛈 For internal consistency, Ruma uses American spelling for variable names. Names may differ in the serialized representation, as the Matrix specification has a mix of British and American English.

API features

Depending on which parts of Matrix are relevant to you, activate the following features:

  • appservice-api – Application Service API.
  • client-api – Client-Server API.
  • federation-api – Server-Server (Federation) API.
  • identity-service-api – Identity Service API.
  • push-gateway-api – Push Gateway API.

These features have client- and server-optimized variants that are enabled respectively with the -c and -s suffixes. For example:

  • client-api-c – The Client-Server API optimized for the client side.
  • client-api-s – The Client-Server API optimized for the server side.

Compatibility feature

  • compat increases compatibility with other parts of the Matrix ecosystem, at the expense of deviating from the specification.

Convenience features

These features are only useful if you want to use a method that requires it:

  • rand
  • markdown
  • html

Unstable features

By using these features, you opt out of all semver guarantees Ruma otherwise provides:

  • unstable-exhaustive-types – Most types in Ruma are marked as non-exhaustive to avoid breaking changes when new fields are added in the specification. This feature compiles all types as exhaustive.
  • unstable-mscXXXX, where XXXX is the MSC number – Upcoming Matrix features that may be subject to change or removal.
  • unstable-unspecified – Undocumented Matrix features that may be subject to change or removal.

Common features

These submodules are usually activated by the API features when needed:

  • api
  • events
  • signatures

ruma-client features

The client feature activates ruma::client, and client-ext-client-api activates ruma-clients client-api feature. All other client-* features activate the same feature without the client- prefix on ruma-client. See the crate’s documentation for the effect of these features.

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