Module ruma_client_api::uiaa

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Available on crate features client or server only.
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GET /_matrix/client/*/auth/{auth_type}/fallback/web?session={session_id}


Description of steps required to authenticate via the User-Interactive Authentication API.
Data for dummy UIAA flow.
Data for Email-based UIAA flow.
Data for UIAA fallback acknowledgement.
Data for phone number-based UIAA flow.
Data for password-based UIAA flow.
Data for ReCaptcha UIAA flow.
Data for registration token-based UIAA flow.
Credentials for third-party authentication (e.g. email / phone number).
Information about available authentication flows and status for User-Interactive Authenticiation API.


Information for one authentication stage.
The type of an authentication stage.
Contains either a User-Interactive Authentication API response body or a Matrix error.
Identification information for the user.