Available on crate features client or server only.
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GET /_matrix/client/*/auth/{auth_type}/fallback/web?session={session_id}


Description of steps required to authenticate via the User-Interactive Authentication API.
Data for dummy UIAA flow.
Data for Email-based UIAA flow.
Data for UIAA fallback acknowledgement.
‘Incoming’ variant of Dummy.
‘Incoming’ variant of EmailIdentity.
‘Incoming’ variant of Msisdn.
‘Incoming’ variant of Password.
‘Incoming’ variant of ReCaptcha.
Data for phone number-based UIAA flow.
Data for password-based UIAA flow.
Data for ReCaptcha UIAA flow.
Data for registration token-based UIAA flow.
Credentials for third-party authentication (e.g. email / phone number).
Information about available authentication flows and status for User-Interactive Authenticiation API.


Information for one authentication stage.
The type of an authentication stage.
‘Incoming’ variant of AuthData.
‘Incoming’ variant of UserIdentifier.
Contains either a User-Interactive Authentication API response body or a Matrix error.
Identification information for the user.