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Types for Matrix identifiers for devices, events, keys, rooms, servers, users and URIs.


Matrix user identifiers.


Shorthand for Box::<DeviceId>::from.

Compile-time checked DeviceKeyId construction.

Compile-time checked EventId construction.

Compile-time checked MxcUri construction.

Compile-time checked RoomAliasId construction.

Compile-time checked RoomId construction.

Compile-time checked RoomVersionId construction.

Compile-time checked ServerName construction.

Compile-time checked ServerSigningKeyId construction.

Compile-time checked UserId construction.


A client secret.

A Matrix key ID.

A key algorithm and a device id, combined with a ‘:’.

A Matrix event ID.

A key algorithm and key name delimited by a colon

A Matrix key identifier.

A URI that should be a Matrix-spec compliant MXC URI.

A Matrix room alias ID.

A Matrix room ID.

A Matrix room ID or a Matrix room alias ID.

The name of a room.

A Matrix-spec compliant server name.

A session ID.

Map of all signatures, grouped by entity

A Matrix user ID.


The basic key algorithms in the specification.

An error encountered when trying to parse an invalid ID string.

An encryption algorithm to be used to encrypt messages sent to a room.

A Matrix room version ID.

The signing key algorithms defined in the Matrix spec.

Type Definitions

An owned ClientSecret.

An owned DeviceId.

Map of device signatures for an event, grouped by user.

Algorithm + key name for device keys.

Map of key identifier to signature values.

An owned KeyName.

An owned RoomName.

An owned ServerName.

Map of server signatures for an event, grouped by server.

Algorithm + key name for homeserver signing keys.

An owned SessionId.

Algorithm + key name for signing keys.