Struct ruma_serde::Raw[][src]

pub struct Raw<T> { /* fields omitted */ }
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A wrapper around Box<RawValue>, to be used in place of any type in the Matrix endpoint definition to allow request and response types to contain that said type represented by the generic argument Ev.

Ruma offers the Raw wrapper to enable passing around JSON text that is only partially validated. This is useful when a client receives events that do not follow the spec perfectly or a server needs to generate reference hashes with the original canonical JSON string. All event structs and enums implement Serialize / Deserialize, Raw should be used to pass around events in a lossless way.

let json = r#"{ "type": "imagine a full event", "content": {...} }"#;

let deser = serde_json::from_str::<Raw<AnyRoomEvent>>(json)
    .unwrap() // the first Result from serde_json::from_str, will not fail
    .deserialize() // deserialize to the inner type
    .unwrap(); // finally get to the AnyRoomEvent


Create a Raw by serializing the given T.

Shorthand for serde_json::value::to_raw_value(val).map(Raw::from_json), but specialized to T.


Fails if Ts Serialize implementation fails.

Create a Raw from a boxed RawValue.

Access the underlying json value.

Convert self into the underlying json value.

Try to access a given field inside this Raw, assuming it contains an object.

Returns Err(_) when the contained value is not an object, or the field exists but is fails to deserialize to the expected type.

Returns Ok(None) when the field doesn’t exist or is null.


if raw_event.get_field::<String>("type")?.as_deref() == Some("org.custom.matrix.event") {
    let event = raw_event.deserialize_as::<CustomMatrixEvent>()?;
    // ...

Try to deserialize the JSON as the expected type.

Try to deserialize the JSON as a custom type.

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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